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Lenka Krajnc

1984, Slovenia

Lenka Krajnc, born 1984, studies Comparative Linguistics and Comparative Slavic Linguistics in the Faculty of Arts at University of Ljubljana. She plays flute and piano, and performs together with Matej Krajnc and Trio Karaúl), among others she attended the Chanson Festival in 2011. From 2011 works as an editor in KUD Lema publishing house.


Literary association IA

The 10th Golden Boat Poetry Translation Workshop 2012

Bogdan Macarol: Kosovel postaja svetovni pesnik (Primorske novice, 1. 9. 2012)


The 10th International Golden Boat Translation Workshop 2012


This year's traditional The 10th Golden Boat International Poetry Translation Workshop 2012 will be held from 26th August to 2nd September at Škocjan in the Karst and Ljubljana. This year's guests come from 10 countries: Darija Žilić (Croatia), Will Root (USA), Emilio Coco (Italy), Takako Arai (Japan), Paddy Bushe (Ireland), Martin Warmuz (Poland), Tatjana Jamnik, Gašper Torkar, Gašper Malej, Dejan Koban, Lenka and Matej Kranjc (all Slovenia), Jan Gavura, Miroslava Gavurová (Slovakia), and Henning H. Bergsvig (Norway).
The workshop will be led by Iztok Osojnik. Like every year, in addition to mutual translation, the workshop shall be dedicated to the conservation of live contacts in the Western European, Central European and Slavic triangle, linking small and large European and world literatures in the East and West, co-organizing festivals, symposia, meetings, workshops, dissemination of a modern literary hub in Škocjan and international recognition of poetry in the originals and translations in Slovenia and abroad. Following the successful implementation of Kosovel in the UK and the USA this year, followed by a new monograph of Kosovel in Polish language (KUD Police Dubová and Instytut Mikołowski) and international recognition of Slovenian new wave classics (Gregor Strniša, Jure Detela). Participants of the Golden Boat shall present their work at two literary readings: 30th August, 20:00, in Škocjan in the Karst and 31th August, 19:00 in Trubar's House of Literature in Ljubljana, and on website www.ia-zlaticoln.org. All programs are public. No entrance fee.

The Golden Boat Workshop is organized by the Literary Association of IA in collaboration with Cultural-Artistic Association of Polica Dubova, Tourist Association Škocjan, Cultural Association Vilenica, Monitor ZSA, KUD France Prešeren, Regional Community Alps-Adriatic and journals / publishing houses Društvo Apokalipsa and Monitor.

The workshop is supported by Slovenian Book Agency, Krka, d. d., Škocjan Caves Park, Meiji University (Japan), FILI (Finland), Pri Vncku Inn,  Pulse / Cuisle Festival Limerick (Ireland), SKD Sežana, Trubar House of Literature, Okarina, d. o. o., Triglav-Rysy Association (Poland), Sampark Publishing House (New Delhi-London).


Sunday, 26th August - arrivals
19:00 – Welcome dinner

Monday, 27th August
9:30 – Working session
13:00 – Lunch
19:00 – Dinner

Tuesday, 28th August
9:30 – Working session
13:00 – Lunch
14:30 – Excursion (Škocjan Caves)
19:00 – Dinner

Wednesday, 29th  August
9:30 – Working session
13:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Walking excursion
19:00 – Dinner

Thursday, 30th August
9:30 – Working session
13:00 – Lunch
18:30 – Dinner
20:00 – The Golden Boat reading Škocjan

Friday, 31st August
9:30 – Working session
12:30 – Lunch
14:00 – Departure for Ljubljana
19:30 – The Golden Boat Reading at the
 Trubarjeva hiša literature (Trubar’s House of Literature) in Ljubljana

Saturday, 1st September
9:30 – Session on translating poetry
13:00 – Lunch
15:00 – Excursion to Tomaj
20:00 – Farewell Dinner

Sunday, 2th September
Departure after breakfast

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